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Dr. Daniel J. Benny - Investigation Services in Harrisburg, PA
" I take pride in offering personalized, confidential and professional service. "
I have been operating from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania since 1981 as a licensed, bonded, insured, limited liability company, Private Investigator and Security Consultant. I offer investigative service, technical surveillance countermeasures, armed personal protection as well as security consulting, security training, and court qualified expert witness testimony on security matters.

I served ten years as a United States Navy Intelligence Officer. My duty assignments included Office of Naval Intelligence, Naval Investigative Service, Fleet Intelligence Rapid Support Team, and Central Intelligence Agency. I also served as a United States Navy Federal Police Chief and Director of Protective Services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

I am currently a remote and private pilot as well as a Cessna C-150 aircraft owner. I also volunteer my time as a Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team member, as a Lt. Col. with the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol and as a Cdr. with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

I am the author of the book General Aviation Security: Aircraft, Hangars, Fixed Base Operators, Flight Schools and Airports, the book Cultural Property Security: Protecting Museums, Historic Sites, Archives and Libraries, the book Industrial Espionage: Developing a Counterespionage Program, the book Maritime Security: Protection of Marinas, Ports, Small Watercraft, Yachts, and Ships, the book Private Investigation and Homeland Security and the book The Complete Guide to Physical Security.
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Daniel J. Benny, Ph.D., CPP, PCI, CII, CFE, PPS, CMSP
Private Investigator & Security Consultant
Licensed - Bonded – Insured
Limited Liability Company
Established 1981